Encrouter - Tier 1 Encryption by WireGuard

Encrouter - Tier 1 Encryption by WireGuard

First, let's begin with what is a VPN in the first place?

Traditional private networks are closed off networks, often built by attaching devices - such as two computers - directly to one another via ethernet cable. These two computers would be able to speak directly to one another thanks to that cabled connection between them.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the other hand follows much the same basic concept, but is done digitally over the Internet. For example, say one of those two computers now moves to the other side of the world. Instead of having the world's longest ethernet cable connect them, you instead would establish an encrypted data tunnel between them - a virtual cable, if you will. This allows them to speak directly to one another using the Internet.

Encrouter takes this concept and amplifies it. When you purchase Encrouter and place it in your home and connect it to your existing Internet connection, you now have access to establish these encrypted tunnels to servers Encrouter owns, all around the world.

Why does this matter and why would you need one, you ask?

Well, when you use your regular Internet connection to visit websites, online services, and pretty much anything else on the Internet, you do so from your own home/device. But when you use Encrouter, you can access all of those same websites, services, etc. from our servers.

For example, if you were to use an Encrouter USA server, but you were living in the United Kingdom, and accessed a website or streaming service - they would think you are in the USA, not the UK. Anyone looking to track your traffic back to you, would only ever find an Encrouter server - thus protecting your home address, your privacy, and your security.

This is a very important concept when it comes to protecting your privacy and your security these days. Tracking people online has become very commonplace, and it is up to you to take steps to avoid this whenever possible. A VPN service such as Encrouter makes it possible for you to obfuscate your presence online, protecting yourself offline.

Where does WireGuard come into play in all of this?

As you just learned - a VPN is an encrypted tunnel between two devices. In the case of Encrouter, all of your traffic is encrypted on Encrouter before it gets sent out to one of our VPN servers around the globe. Anyone snooping around would not be able to read the traffic you sent from your device to our servers - things like credit card information, address and personal details, and much more - would be encrypted using extremely complex mathematical formulas.

This encryption - thus securing and privatizing your presence on the web - is handled by WireGuard. WireGuard is a modern VPN protocol that relies on numerous extremely complicated and advanced ciphers to help ensure your information stays private.

Common VPN Protocols

  • OpenVPN
  • IPsec (ChaPoly)
  • IPsec (AES-GCM)
  • WireGuard

Each of these VPN protocols does the same thing - they provide the encryption for your traffic to remain secure. However, they all do it in different ways.

Why did Encrouter Choose WireGuard?

Encrouter chose to adopt WireGuard as our VPN protocol due to its unparalleled encryption. Our number one priority is your privacy and security, and there is no better option currently available than WireGuard.

Blazing Fast VPN Connection Speeds

One of the most important aspects of being able to access the Internet is connection speed. It doesn't do much good to have an ultra-secure connection if you are stuck buffering 24/7. Encrouter ensures you are able to surf the Internet, watch videos, stream movies and shows, upload and download files, play and stream games, and much more!

There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to do all of that without the protection and privacy provided by a VPN.

A graph showing WireGuard outperforming IPsec (ChaPoly/AES-GCM), and OpenVPN in connection speed.
WireGuard Outperforms All Other VPN Protocols

WireGuard achieves this superior performance through use of more efficient ciphers (read more below), and the fact that it lives within the Linux Kernel. Both of these factors make WireGuard the best choice when it comes to building the world's most secure and fully integrated VPN router - Encrouter.

Enhanced Security & Encryption

WireGuard also boasts state-of-the-art cryptography such as ChaCha20, Curve25519, BLAKE2, and many others in an effort to ensure thoroughly vetted and verified ciphers are used.

WireGuard also comes with a much smaller codebase, making it a much more difficult target to take advantage of and find bugs and loopholes compared to other VPN protocols. Having a much smaller surface area means that hackers looking to crack Encrouter will have a very difficult time as they are given far less to work with for an attack on our hardware and ultimately your home connection.

Ease of Use Enhanced

Beyond providing privacy and security to your home Internet, Encrouter was designed with ease-of-use in mind. Many VPNs require at least a little technical knowhow in order to get up and running. If you wanted to build your own VPN router from scratch, that would be an even more daunting task.

As a result, we wanted Encrouter to be fast, secure, and simple to use. This way anyone can buy and install Encrouter in their home and enjoy the privacy and security of a VPN across all of the devices in their home. WireGuard helps achieve this through simple and transparent construction, making the Encrouter mobile app, our owned & dedicated infrastructure, and the Encrouter device itself work seamlessly to provide you with the service you expect.

If you would like to learn more about the WireGuard VPN protocol, please visit their website.

Created in Stockholm, Sweden, Encrouter is designed to make digital privacy as simple as humanly possible. We are a small team of hardware and software experts devoted to bringing online privacy and personal security to people worldwide.

So whether you’re looking for the best VPN router for gaming, video streaming or improving your online privacy – Encrouter has got you covered. Encrouter VPN service is entirely private, with no third-party affiliations or investments, meaning that the VPN infrastructure is entirely owned and operated by us. Encrouter has a zero-log policy, blind operator mode, WireGuard encryption, Diskless/Driveless Servers and more to ensure the privacy and security of your connection via our VPN service.

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