VIDEO: Encrouter Smart VPN Router | The World's First Affordable Truly Built-in VPN Router

We have just released a new product video for Encrouter. Check it out!

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Created in Stockholm, Sweden, Encrouter is designed to make digital privacy as simple as humanly possible. We are a small team of hardware and software experts devoted to bringing online privacy and personal security to people worldwide.

So whether you’re looking for the best VPN router for gaming, video streaming or improving your online privacy – Encrouter has got you covered. Encrouter VPN service is entirely private, with no third-party affiliations or investments, meaning that the VPN infrastructure is entirely owned and operated by us. Encrouter has a zero-log policy, blind operator mode, WireGuard encryption, Diskless/Driveless Servers and more to ensure the privacy and security of your connection via our VPN service.

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